A donation can be anything you feel you can afford; anything helps. It can be a one time donation, or something ongoing; it is up to you.

Pay it forward…

If you feel you want to help out, please contact me at and put “Donation” in the subject line.

You can also donate immediately through PayPal. If you are not set up, please go to and create an account. It is easy and secure. Here is the email address I use for Paypal:

Donate Bitcoins

Donate bitcoins: 12XZcYueQ5Et3tCWxvC7jHr6QENU2A5r11

How to get bitcoins?


Backup Gatekeeper1F492grhh6JLgwmJAU4TX7gSTrErTYHhfS


To use Bitcoins in payment / Donations, send example:

.04 Bitcoins (28.19Euro (EUR)at current exchange rates = a 90% reduction in notional cost, more or less) to see current exhange rate see:


Thank you very much for your support!

Ra Ka isha



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