Gatekeeper  #12 , ATST , RC , IAFW , AMCC

Delta Sol5 ~  Netherlands , Ede(n)

Attends Emerald Guardian Summit ❤





The two main motivators for a persons actions are, Fear and Love. I choose Love.


9 hidden,. original signet members... not known... or there..
see: Speakers-FHContracts-2002.pdf




Signet Councils.txt

Signet Councils

Last update: March 22, 2005


Under the Guardian Alliance (GA) there are 12 smaller “Signet Councils” that serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex of out Time Matrix.


Because the 3 Lyran Star Gates (D-12 Aramatena, D11- Aveyon and D-10 Vega) are the primary passageways between the Primal Light Fields and the lower Dimensional Density Systems, they are the most important and in greatest need of protection.


D-12, D-11 and D-10 (Star Gates-12, 11 and 10) allow the Yanas and Breneu Founders Races to enter the Time Matrix form the Energy Matrix for assistance.


As the representatives of the 3 Lyran GA Signet Councils are composed of members of the original Christos Founders Race lines that seeded the life-field in the Time Matrix, the 3 Lyran GA Signet Councils as often referred as the “Royal Houses.”


Signet Council 12: the Council of Aramatena-Lyra. Star Gate-12

Signet Council 11: the Council of Aveyon-Lyra. Star Gate-11


Signet Council 10: the Council of Vega-Lyra. Star Gate-10


Signet Council 9: the Council of Mirach-Andromeda. Star



Signet Council 8: the Council of Mintaka-Orion, Star Gate-8
Signet Council 7: the Council of Epsilon or Sirian-Arcturian Coalition, Star Gate-7

Signet Council 6: the Council of Azurline-Sirius B, Star



Signet Council 5: the Council of Alcyone-Pleiades. Star



Signet Council 4: the Solar Council of D-4 Sun. Sol Star



Signet Council 3, 2 and 1: The Amenti Planetary Templar Security Team and Inner Earth MC Priest of Ur. Universal Star Gates D-3 Earth-SG-3, D-2 Inner Earth-SG-2 and D-1 Parallel Earth-SG-1.


The Universal Star Gate 1 through 6 in the densities 1 an 2 (dimension 1-6) systems operate under the direct supervision of the MC Eieyani Master Council (“Sirian or Azurite Council”) of Density-5 and has maintain a biological presence in regions compromised by the chaos of Fallen Angelic Legion conquest.

(Voyagers I – Page 167 and 171 and Angelic Realities – Page xix)


Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG’s) in the Universal Templar Complex.


Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is composed of of 2 Mater Command Committees, 2 Subordinate Command Committees and many other smaller organizations.


GA Signet Councils 10, 11 and 12 represent the “Lyran High Council” races, as they protect the star gates of the “Cradle of Lyra” in Density-4, the passageway into and out of our Time Matrix.



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    just read through the mistranslations….

    Without any referrals handling, the new translation of the South Tower san

    ! http://tw.myblog.yah oo.com / jw KsQbI2GVEQ OQo_m7hbqXZLKCww -? / a rticle mid = 1948 & prev = -1 & next = 193 1

    570 to 568 million years ago, IAFW (Inter-dimensional Association of Fee Worlds, the dimension of freedom camp) founded the GA. GA spanning four density, there are more than 10 million organizations joined the GA.
    GA Christos founders of the race, IAFW, Yanas, and the density of -5 Elohei-Elohim Emerald Mission MCEM Parliament (MC Eieyani Master parliament) joint guidance.
    GA has administered 12 GA Signet Councils are responsible for this time of the mother’s 12 major Stargate. Each Signet Parliament consists of two main headquarters Committee (Master Command Committees), 2 subprojects headquarters Commission (Subordinate Command Committees), composition and other smaller organizations.

    GA 12th Parliament (GA Signet Council 12)

    Also known as Tian Qin-Aramatena Parliament.
    12th Parliament by the emerald Mission Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi (lion family) Christos founders ethnic composition.
    The first 12 days of parliamentary governance piano-Aramatena 12 Stargate.

    GA 11th Parliament (GA Signet Council 11)

    Parliament also called Aveyon-day piano.
    11th Parliament by the Amethyst (Amethyst) Mission Braha-Rama Pegasai and Inyu (whale Terran) Christos founders ethnic composition.
    The first 11 days of parliamentary governance piano – Aveyon 11th Stargate.

    GA 10th Parliament (GA Signet Council 10)

    Also known as Tian Qin – Weaver Parliament.
    10th Parliament by the prime Mission Seraphei-Saraphim Aethien (Mantis Terran) and Cetezs (bird family) Christos founders ethnic composition.
    The first 10 days of parliamentary governance piano – Weaver 10 Stargate.

    GA 10, 11, 12 boards, to protect the cradle of the density of 4-day piano, controlling entry and seeding rose to leave this time the mother channel, known as Tian Qin higher council

    GA 9th Parliament (GA Signet Council 9)

    Parliament also called Mirach-fairy.
    9th Parliament consists of emerald and amethyst Mission in Mission League members Andromeda galaxy (Andromeda Star League) from the components.
    9th Parliament to defend the fairy-Mirach 9 Stargate.

    GA 8 boards (GA Signet Council 8)

    Also known as Mintaka-Orion Assembly.
    8th Parliament by the prime Mission Seraphei-Saraphim Aethien (Mantis Terran), Jade Mission Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi (lion family), and the Emerald Covenant in years, since the members of the Orion planetary Alliance (Orion Association of Planets) composition.
    8 parliamentary protect Orion-Mintaka 8 Stargate.

    GA 7th Parliament (GA Signet Council 7)

    Parliament also called Epsilon-horn, or Sirius – Bighorn alliance (Sirian-Arcturian Coalition), is Azurite secret team is also responsible for MCEM parliament suffered a crisis. 7th parliamentary oversight bighorn planets federal (Arcturian Federation of Planets) Emerald Covenant races.
    7th Parliament to defend the bighorn Block 7 Stargate.

    GA 6th Parliament (GA Signet Council 6)

    Parliament also called Sirius B Azurline Maharagi, blue human race Azurite-Oraphim Emerald Covenant MC Eieyani Rishi Grail Line parliament.
    The following three sources are through GA 6th Parliament:

    1 BC for 12 years, belonging to Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek race “Jesus Christ,” the incarnation of the earth.
    (Ie Jesus, 12, see http://tw.myblog.yah oo.com / jw KsQbI2GVEQ OQo_m7hbqXZLKCww -!? / a rticle mid = 664 12 Jesus said to come from the other 12 dimensions).
    2. 12 CDT disc protector, first class source of contemporary Earth Indigo’s second class.
    32,000 years ago, the Emerald Covenant Christian Maharata guide all phases of 12 discs, when the planet passed Urtite race.

    6th Parliament to defend the Sirius Star Gate 6 and Amorea hall channel.
    (Amorea hall see http://tw.myblog.yah oo.com / jw KsQbI2GVEQ OQo_m7hbqXZLKCww -!? / a rticle mid = 623 during the second seeding, connecting Earth and Sirius B is called the bridge entrance hall Amorea .)

    GA fifth parliament (GA Signet Council 5)

    Also known as Alcyone-Pleiades Parliament, currently in jeopardy.
    5th Parliament by the Emerald League Yuetai La MC Eieyani Priests of UR, Anuhazi (lion), Serres race (Oraphim Birdman ethnicity Gold Mission Seraphei-Saraphim), Braharama race (Inyu whales are amethyst Terran Mission) components.

    Two main headquarters fifth parliamentary committees, namely gold emerald Mission Ashalum headquarters, and Ashtar Command. Ashtar Command is mainly Braharama ethnic composition, adding to supervise the Emerald Covenant Annunaki race. Annunaki join Emerald Covenant is to be able to share biological regeneration (Bio-regensis) capabilities.
    (Additional information pipeline noted, Ashtar Command under the Sirius, but GA data representation Ashtar Command Parliament belonging Pleiades management).

    5th Parliament of Annunaki, consisting of ruby ​​Mission (Ruby Order) Alliance:

    You familiar Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation (Galactic Federation), the collective consciousness of the Archangel Michael, Nibiru’s Council of 9, Council of 12, Council of 24, Pleiades-Nibiruian-Annunaki, Annu-Melchizedek, are This alliance members.
    (Note: Another source of messages from Nibiru, also mentioned Council of 9.
    ! http://tw.myblog.yah oo.com / jw KsQbI2GVEQ OQo_m7hbqXZLKCww -? / a rticle mid = 283

    Council of 12:

    ! http://tw.myblog.yah oo.com / JW KsQbI2GVEQ OQo_m7hbqXZLKCww -? / a rticle mid = 268 & P rev = 274 & next = 264 & L = f & fid = 24 )

    Since 25500 years BC, Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, the collective consciousness of the Archangel Michael, Pleiades-Nibiruian-Annunaki, Annu-Melchizedek, the Earth has been manipulated to mislead the human race. Be careful to distinguish you psychic or direct contact information, although in fact it is difficult to distinguish humans or guidance behind these messages real intentions.
    Annunaki have a series of negotiations with GA, recently, the 1992 Treaty of Sirius Pleiades, 2000 7/5 Altair treaty, amnesty (Amnesty) treaty. But in 2000, 9/12, some members quit GA fifth parliament and army of fallen angels Drakon group UIR.
    5th parliamentary guards Pleiades-Alcyone Section 5 door.

    GA 4 boards (GA Signet Council 4)

    That sun Parliament (The Solar Council), responsible for 4 Star Gate (D-4 Sun Sol-SG-4) issues.

    140,008 years ago, the 5th Sun Star Gate Parliament will give people the Council of Nine Nibiru hosting.
    AD 25500 years ago, Council of Nine abandon Emerald Covenant (Emerald Covenant), joined the 11th dimension Annu-Elohim crashed Angels army (D-11 Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legion), Sun Angel star gate and crashed military joint control. Parliament and the impact of the sun penetrate into the Earth’s civilization. AD 22326 years ago, MC Eieyani Magi Azurline Priests of UR (from the 6th dimension Sirius Star Gate 6 B), try to pull back the sun Stargate GA, but ended in failure. Since 2003, Pleiades-Nibiruan-Annunaki crashed angel army tries to take advantage of the sun Stargate, and Battlestar Nibiru, created the earth pole shift doomsday theater (Armageddon Drama). GA and crashed on the sun angel army Stargate contention is not over yet.

    GA 1, 2, 3 boards (GA Signet Council 1,2,3)

    A Manti secret by the team (Amenti Planetary Templar Security team) and the Earth MC Priests of UR control.
    Stargate D3, D2 Mainland stargate, D1 parallel stargate, and 阿曼提 Star Gate, currently under the control of MCEM Parliament by Sirius B Azurline Maharagi Parliament, Tian Qin higher council, the Earth Breanoua secret race , Melchizedek Cloister races, Shambhala, and Rama Mixed secret race, the Earth Eieyani Grail race, common guidance.

    Stargate invade the mainland has been a major goal UIR, the outcome is still undecided, the surface will affect the future of humanity.

    ref: Voyagers I

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